Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gym: Three Rivers CrossFit (Pittsburgh PA)

I had the pleasure to participate in a workout at Three Rivers CrossFit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this week.  Trainer and proprietor John S was a gracious host while I was on a quick trip out of town.  He's a USMC Captain with a laundry list of physical fitness qualifications and certifications. And the fun stuff: he's a Highland Games competitor.  

"3RCF" functions out of a workshop within an indoor soccer facility.  They have the typical whiteboard setup, but with a nice change.....they have some serious fire-breather scores on it!!  3RCF has more than a few members who post some wicked times and round counts.  It even sounds like some of them will be trying their stuff at the CF Games Mid-Atlantic Regional Qualifier

It's always a blast to train with new guys and gals. I wish I would have hooked up with 3RCF earlier on the previous trips I took to Pittsburgh to see some family.  Thanks John for your hospitality. (I wouldn't expect less from a fellow CFter.)

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