Friday, March 27, 2009

Swallow Cliff StairClimbing Workouts - Update

The 2009 group stair workouts have been phenomenal! Interest seems to be way up, which is a great sign that the concept of functional, practical fitness is on the rise (pardon the pun).

I always get asked the same question: What are the workouts like? Well, that's hard to explain. We've never really had the same workout twice. However, I can put it like this: Workouts last between 20 and 40 minutes. They include climbing up (and down) 90 feet of stairs, with stations at the top and bottom of ring dips, situps, burpees, kettlebelling, sprinting, pushups, and/or inverted rows. Kettlebell stations frequently include swings, snatches, figure 8s, and clean-and-presses. It's a blend of exercises for strongmen, gymnasts, and MMA fighters.

Today's newest implement of destruction was a partly-filled keg. The sloshing water proved to be a worthy adversary! Some of us did keg cleans and keg snatches. Way fun! Thanks to Dan E for bringing out his newest toy.

On another note: Tom G, Tom M, and Ann M will be helping organise the WOs on days I cannot be there. The biggest complaint of the WOs has been they haven't been frequent enough!! Our new volunteers bring their experiences and creativity to the group. Between the three of them are several certifications from CrossFit and kettlebell associations, not to mention years of functional fitness training.

I do my best to provide advance notice of the sessions. Still, the most efficient way to keep up to date is by checking the "Upcoming Events" tab in the right column of this blog.

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saluki450 said...

Thursday's workout was fantastic! I'd like to get in about two a week at the stairs with the group, if that's possible.

Also, that keg is only going to get heavier, topping out at 75 lbs. I want to use it for the PD Memorial workout in May.