Wednesday, March 25, 2009

TREVOR Memorial Day Workout 2009

Trevor Win'E Memorial Workout is being hosted all over the country on Memorial Day 2009. It memorializes the life of Trevor Win'E who was killed in an IED attack in 2004.  Each team registration donation buys one cooling vest to be worn by soldiers under their body armor.

The workout is:
  • Teams of four complete:
  • 300 pullups
  • 400 pushups
  • 500 situps
  • 600 air squats
  • For time. 
  • Only 2 members can "work" at once.
  • No partitioning. Ex: All pullups must be completed before beginning pushups.
I'm working on a few teams to participate at CrossFit Tri-Cities in St. Charles, Illinois.

Here is our post from last year.

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