Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Gym: CrossFit DuPage

I find great satisfaction in announcing the opening of new area CrossFit gyms.  For me, it legitimizes a system I have believed in and seen results from.  In times of troubled economics, you wouldn't think the fitness industry is one to jump into as a businessman.  However, from what I've heard and read, it's the exact opposite!  More folks workout when they lose their jobs or have their work hours cut. Hmmm..

A few weeks ago, CrossFit DuPage began business. They opened up inside a mixed martial arts studio in Lombard, Illinois.  (The industries of functional fitness blend well with both MMA and gymnastics.  We tend to see a lot of functional fitness studios within those arenas.) CrossFit DuPage's motto is "Waging a Guerrilla War on Weakness." That's any CrossFitter knows how quickly one can find their weakness.  And more importantly, how quickly that weakness can be addressed through proper programming and scheduling!

If you've never worked out at a CF affiliate gym, you must. It's an energizing atmosphere. It's hard to go wrong by taking a fundamental or foundational class to learn and/or refine your skills....among like-minded folk.

I've only talked to the proprietor Nate on the telephone. I'm going to meet him in person at his new gym this week.  We've already discussed having his gym host this year's Police Week Memorial Workout!!  Get ready for it. The week of May 10th-16th is approaching.

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Nate said...

Thanks for the great post Lou. Look forward to meeting you.