Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Personal Video: 3x115 Overhead Squat

Overhead squats have been one of "my goats"...which means I suck at them. For the next few months during The Hard Routine, I will work on OHS form and strength with focused practice sessions.

The above video was taken Tuesday morning. It is three reps of 115#...the most weight I've ever attempted at OHS. I was happy to see how deep I got on these. Again, video shows all the flaws and imperfections in this technical lift....making it easier for me to correct poor form. This performance in the video did wonders for my confidence. I know I can really press myself to get up to heavier weights quickly.

And the short-shorts are actually one of my favorite pairs to do squats and thrusters in. Seriously.

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Schlik said...

Look great and love the shorts brother!!