Friday, November 27, 2009

The Hard Routine: Less than one week left!

Day 58: Less than one week left...

It's amazing how quickly these two months passed. With only a handful of days remaining, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Stay strong through the last surge here. Don't trip up this close to the finish line!

For you Chicago locals, we're throwing around the idea of meeting up at The Kerry Piper in Willowbrook on Wednesday, December 2nd for a couple celebratory post-Hard Routine drinks...maybe 8pm-ish?? Let me know if you are up for it...

PERSONAL NOTE: We stayed true to our contracts on Thanksgiving. I'm down 15# and the wife is down 9#. We've already promised not to splurge during the Christmas season. We're going into the holidays with a great start of fat loss...we're not going to give it all up. Our exercising has included the Prison Workout #2, but we intermittently substitute some barbell lifts for the kettlebelling movements. We're gearing up for PWO#3 beginning mid-December 2009!!

Lastly: There's talk of another The Hard Routine beginning Jan 2nd, 2010, as the new year's resolution of sorts. Discuss this wellness campaign with coworkers, friends, and family NOW...and start thinking of how you would re-do your Personal Commitment Contract!

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