Thursday, March 11, 2010

POLL: Results and new question posted

What Winter Olympic sport has the most "skilled" athletes?
  • Ice hockey (32)
  • Figure skating (25)
  • Biathlon (23)
  • Cross-county skiing (7)
  • Curling (5)
  • Snowboarding (3)
  • Speed skating (1)
  • Luge (zero)
  • Bobsled (zero)
I picked the word SKILLED on purpose. What is a skill? How is it different than "in shape," "fit," or "athletic?"

I voted for Biathlon. I personally know how to shoot a rifle, and I sorta know how to XC ski. They each demand a completely different skill set. I thought the disparity in the biathlon's two components put it at the top. A similar poll was posed recently that asked for the most "athletic" participants. I voted for hockey that time. But this time I wanted to drive a wedge between athletic and skilled...

New question posted to the right >>>>> PLEASE VOTE!!

A workout journal...
  • I keep it diligently.
  • I keep it, but need more consistency.
  • I don't, but should.
  • Why bother?

Read this post on developing and maintaining a workout journal.

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