Sunday, March 14, 2010

Prison Workout #3: A look back.

Last week I finally finished Prison Workout #3. This was designed to be completed with nothing more than a barbell set, a pullup bar, and some floor space.

Into the main fabric of PWO#3 I wove some some stair-specific workouts. These were planned and done in preparation for the Fight for Air CLIMB. I had to spread out the PWO#3 sessions to allow for these climbing-only sessions. Add in some rest/recovery days, as well as some team challenges (4-man challenge and sandbag shuttle run) and the total duration of the PWO#3 was stretched out to almost 9 weeks. That's an average of three Prison Workouts per week, plus 2 more weekly stair workouts. I know it sounds light, but I promise you my body was not thinking that.

Looking back, I really liked the overall plan and design of the PWO#3. It balanced strength and stamina. It worked more OverHead and Front Squats than I am accustomed to. I used gym rings for some of the pullups which added another dimension. Compared to the first two PWOs, this was by far the most "integrated" with regards to strength work.

What's next? My next plan is to follow the CrossFit Phoenix Fire programming. I met Captain Pauley during a vacation out there last year. After the first few minutes of meeting him, I liked his thoughts on programming. His daily "expression" of Crossfit involves a lot of strength/skill and Olympic lifting phase followed by a MetCon phase. His athletes are fit!!

For now, I'm outta the PWO development business. I accomplished what I set out to achieve: develop, follow, and distribute a functional fitness schedules that could be done with limited equipment. The PWOs served their purpose. Now it's time for me to focus on someone else's program with a fresh perspective and outlook.....

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J Caruso said...

This journal thing is very difficult for me, but I have been diligent! I've also committed to participating in events this year which is helping me to change my focus on working out (and not my weight). But I've decided I need to keep myself challenged and by keeping a journal and attending events I am challenging myself. Thanks for your posts!