Wednesday, May 12, 2010

EQUIPMENT: Online Timer

Why are interval timers so important to me?

Well first off -- they structure workouts into set periods of time. I talk a lot about our 30/30 workouts. Also set interval workouts such as Fight Gone Bad. Also a Tabata session that alternates 20-sec of work with 10-sec of rest.

Second off -- and probably less used -- timers structure a PACE. Here are two examples:

  • I set a goal to complete 100 pullups in under 10 minutes. The strategy that first got my 100 pullups sub-10 was: 2 pullups every 12 seconds, for 50 intervals.
  • Today I wanted a sub-4:30 75x75. My strategy this morning was to alternate 5 and 4 reps each 15 seconds (essentially 9 reps total each 30 sec, but with shorter and more frequent rest). (I woulda done it too if my dumbass didn't get delirious mid-stretch and lose track of time and reps!! I was at about 4:15-4:20.)

I used an interval timer for each of these. It helps tremendously if you have an electronic beep on a watch, or smartphone. There are plenty of downloadable applications for Blackberry or iPhone. Here is a really decent online timer if you have computer access near where you workout: Be sure to scroll down to see all the options. Thanks to Jim Q for finding this app.

If you don't use an interval timer, you are missing something in your workouts and goal-reaching!

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