Saturday, May 8, 2010

EQUIPMENT: Rubber tire sandbags

Above is a very recent photo taken of some new sandbags (SBs). One is a 60# and one is a 40#. The 53# KB is shown for scale. These SBs are made out of sand and truck tire tubes. They seem to be very durable. The 40# has a nylon strap running through the section of tube to create handles. Surprisingly, these SBs are extremely ergonomic....well, as ergonomic as a 60# bag of sand on your shoulders can be. The curvature of the SB creates a yoke-type fit on the traps and neck. These are absolutely ideal for running or trekking under load during workouts.

These are Nate's. He says he's got more tire tubing for those of us who want to make some at home.


Doug B. said...

I am starting a Crossfit box at my PD....where is the best place to get some and many?

Unknown said...

The sandbags are an attempt to recreate a Bulgarian training bag cheaply. There are lots of folks doing the same on YouTube.

If you want to buy inner tubes?

I am a fan of Northern Tool. Otherwise I would go to a tire shop that works on semis or farm equipment. They are sometimes hard to find these days. If you ask nicely they will probably give you them for free. Going the "Free" route you should be prepared to wash them before you use them because they are filthy and some will have holes.

Need4Justice said...

I've been training for a relay run at the beginning of June so my focus has been strictly on running, but I want to switch from the same old weight lifting to the "functional training" aka crossfit style of physical training.

These sandbags look like a good tool in the toolbox for just that purpose. Thanks for the idea!

Unknown said...

If you would like, I am happy to share my experience with making the Bulgarian Training bags aka sandbags that Louis posted. One point that is left off of most of the DIY videos is running the strap through the inner tube, tying a bowline knot on each handle, then wire tying the tube closed just above the knot. This way the inner tube can stretch to a point and then the strap provides more support. I think this will prove to be superior and durable. If not I will make another one.

Doug B. said...

Thanks Nathan...sounds like a plan.