Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Hard Routine 2010 - DAY 50

We're at DAY 50.

I look ahead at the ten remaining days in front of me and think, "Wow, this was easy." Here's how I rate myself so far:
  • Mon-Sat: Running at about 95% according to my rules of no white bread or pasta. 90% with white rice. 100% with alcohol, potatoes, and sweets.
  • Cheat Sundays: Not even cheating all that much. I simply don't have that stuff around to house to chow down on. Haven't had ANY alcohol since September. What have I been craving on Sundays? Chocolate. Big time.
  • Physical Training: Prison Workout #4 is going really well. I'm progressing at less than four PWOs per week, but adding in some trail hiking and stairclimbing each week. I'm really enjoying the unilateral and asymmetrical loading of one-handed KB exercises.
  • My body: I joking told someone the other day that I'm starting to look like the UnderArmor mannequin at the sporting goods store. (You know, the charcoal grey man who has all the right muscles and bulges in all the right places?) Well that's not totally honest. I am down about 9-10# from September 30th. I have a lot of "leaning-out" to do, but this way of eating is putting me on that path!!
One of my plans was to develop Hard Routine "rules" that would be more sustainable in the long run. I didn't want to crash diet, but I also didn't want to go into The Hard Routine with rules that wouldn't challenge my discipline either. I'm happy with the progress right now.

With ten days remaining, I'm already thinking of ways to extend this mindset into the long haul. Join me.....

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