Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WANTED: Writers for this blog

Do have material you'd like to share with the functional fitness community? or at least the readers of the Trinity Training Group blog?

Simply, I have a couple police academy training projects to work on this winter and spring. I cannot commit the personal time to this blog as I have in the past. It's hard to step back, especially since readership is at an all-time high - and climbing! I have tons of ideas, but have to concentrate the energies elsewhere for a bit -- like in my second job that pays money!

How can you help? I'm always looking for personal fitness testimony. Check out these fitness testimonial submissions on what readers have sent me. If CrossFit, kettlebelling, Prison Workouts, or functional fitness sessions have had a positive impact on your life, you need only to share your experiences! I also look to repost articles and videos that represent the ideals of the Trinity Training Group - excellence in physical, mental, and emotional aspects of life, with a special focus on athleticism, wellness, and fitness. Not everything I post is originally mine.

If anyone is interested, please hit me up. I will gladly assist with blog post editing or formatting. And it shouldn't come as a surprise that I have final say-so as to what gets posted!!! For-profit ventures need not apply. This is a for-the-good-of-mankind project.



SunflowerPipes said...
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Natalia said...

Hi Louis, I came across the trinity training blog last week, and really enjoyed it. I would not mind doing a guest post or two....Have a look at my blog and see if that is the kind of style that you are after.
runlikehermes at gmail dot com