Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tower climbing update

The above photo captures some of the equipment used in my stairclimbing training. They are:
  • weight vest (adjustable in 2.5# increments up to 50#)
  • 35# sandbags (abbreviated SB)
  • high-rise hose pack
  • fire hose rolls
These "implements of destruction" are used during my training sessions at the fire department's hose tower. The tower has an interior metal grate staircase rising 35ft from basement to the top. The basement has adequate space for gymnastics and kettlebelling, and the ground-floor door leads to the outside. With those characteristics, literally most any variation of stairs, weights, running, dummy dragging, tire flipping, or whatever else can be combined. It is a real treat to have such a facility!

While I do design combination workouts for general physical preparation (GPP), lately I have been adding sport-specific preparation (SSP). Have no fear. My GPP needs are still being met through the Prison Workout #3. My SSP workouts are stair climbing (no kettlebells, no pullups, or anything else). So what do my stair-only workouts look like? Here are some examples of recent WOs:
  • 10 climbs wearing 50# vest
  • Carry up a 35#SB or KB on even numbered climbs
  • 10 climbs wearing 50# vest
  • climbs 4,5, and 6 added carrying a 35#SB to the top
  • recover for ~5 minutes
  • 10 climbs with no vest
  • 15 climbs wearing 50# vest
  • hit only every other stair on every climb

As you can see there is a trend. I call it "working under load." That 50# vest gets damn heavy. But recall this is in preparation for Fight for Air CLIMB, where I'm wearing and carrying full police tactical gear for 31 floors. The training MUST replicate the not only body mechanics, but also duration, intensity, and load. The longest duration of the above workouts was the third one, and that was barely over 15 minutes. The middle WO had two components. The first phase (vest) took 9:46 and the second (bodyweight) took 6:43. The top WO took 10:28, but I finished feeling like I dogged it a bit. Look for me to kill that time soon.

I haven't used the high-rise pack or the rolls recently. Simply, I have been training solo. I don't run out of heavy things to carry up when I am by myself.

So in summary...I am doing the PWO#3 some days. Other days I do stair climbing for SSP. Other days I rest. The mix of GPP and SSP (AKA: Event Prep) right now is keeping me very focused. Anticipated changes include getting back to the 18-story building for training. I will continue with this plan through the event in 4 weeks.

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Louis Hayes said...

Did longest duration stair WO of season. 21:43.
4 climbs of an 18-story building while wearing a 50# vest.